Spiritual benefits of vegetarian diet

Tropical forests in Brazil and other tropic regions are destroyed daily, in part, to create more acreage to raise livestock. Clear Conscience. The great artist Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian who had great compassion.

When we are loving to all people and all forms of life, we are on the way back to God. Think of the tremendous fear and panic the animal experiences as it is being killed.

Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

It is really the mind that becomes liberated, but that liberation also affects the essentially ever-free spirit and sets it free from involvement with the mind. It will come. His simple answer was: It takes 3 to 15 times as much water to produce animal protein as it does plant protein.

It is no accident that water is continually used in the Bible to symbolize spiritual life. Plant food, particularly, raw, unprocessed, simplified plant food, is full of prana.

Our spirit pervades our little cosmos, enlivening and directing it, just as God pervades, enlivens, and directs the universe. This is the teaching of the Chandogya Upanishad: They affect us by putting the body in stress and breaking down bodily functions.

It is no accident that water is continually used in the Bible to symbolize spiritual life. They will reflect the character of the food which has gone into their formation. This means that our energies must be responsive, malleable and moveable—just as is water.

Just as cold clay cannot be worked with for modeling, but warm clay is easily used, in the same way the mind must be responsive to shaping by our will. When the man replied that he was taking them to the market for sale to the slaughterhouse, St.

Plant foods "last" longer than animal foods. Only if both the arms of the scanner open out to a full degrees can the distance of the aura of that aspect be measured. The energies of fruits, vegetables, and grains, being unconditioned, can easily be made to vibrate to the highest potential.

And to attain such liberation the mind must be purified and refined, vegetarian diet being one of the best and strongest means for its purification. Nor would diet have availed anything without prayer.

For anyone interested in exploring the spiritual advantages of a vegetarian diet, this book is essential reading. Background and purpose of the experiment Modern science is starting to confirm the health benefits of a vegetarian diet Leitzmann, Appollonius of Tyana, a great Master who lived in Greece shortly before the time of Jesus, was asked how he was able to work miracles.

The information provided in the Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet make it abundantly clear the subtle energetic effects and benefits of a plant-based diet, which can provide even more clarity on why adopting such a diet would be desirable. To increase one's risk of getting degenerative disease means decreasing one's chance to live a naturally-long, healthy life.

For not only does the physical substance of the food become assimilated into our physical body, so also do the subtler energies become united to our inner levels. When we realize that any physical object has all the levels which we do, namely, the physical, biomagnetic, sensory, intellectual and will bodies, we can understand the importance of the kind and quality of food we eat.

On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, and grains are reservoirs of pure, basic life energies which are very light and malleable. On the other hand, some actions lighten the mind, making it fluid and subtle, vibrating at a very high level.

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Volumes have been written on that question, but we can consider it very simply. If the energy is heavy or inert, little can be done with it to produce the state of silence and clarity needed to reflect the truth of spirit.

Ultimately though, I remember that I am a spirit here for a short time inhabiting a human body, here to enjoy life, learn at my own pace, and enhance my consciousness. Many supposedly moral or spiritual problems are only matters of energy behavior.

You won't find it in useful quantities in animal food. Volumes have been written on that question, but we can consider it very simply. When we consume this prana, we are able to vibrate at a high frequency.

Higher perception What is perception? Now God had brought Daniel into favour and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs. Love animals and have no desire to kill them or cause them any harm, just as they have no desire to harm or kill you.

Go with the flow, right?Modern science is starting to confirm the health benefits of a vegetarian diet (Leitzmann, ).

SSRF has found that in addition to health benefits, vegetarianism facilitates spiritual growth as well. Many seekers of God have found that the quality of their spiritual practice. Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet. by Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri) T he health benefits of a vegetarian diet are well known, as are the ethical aspects.

But the spiritual advantages should be studied by anyone involved in meditation, yoga, or any type of spiritual practice. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet at criativabrasilia.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.3,4/5(7).

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Benefits to Meditation. One of the spiritual reasons to be vegetarian is to boost one’s meditation. In meditation, if we wish to experience ourselves as soul, a vegetarian diet speeds our progress. To enter realms of light and love, we need to develop ethical virtues. We need to have the purity of heart by which we can experience the Creator.

By following this diet, we develop nonviolence, love, and service to Author: Sant Rajinder Singh Ji.

Spiritual benefits of vegetarian diet
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